A Simple Solution

Often there are relatively simple solutions to repair what may appear to be BIG PROBLEMS. For example, the automatic transmission Shift Strategy found in Ford F-150 Trucks, containing the 4R100 automatic transmission. If you or your customer has disconnected the vehicles battery recently, you may here drivability complaints about the vehicles transmission performance. Don’t worry, this is usually a self correcting problem, and not the result of your transmission fluid service or exchange.


Power Steering Flush Service

Power Steering Flush Services On The Rise: In recent years Fast Lube operators have identified that by providing a power steering flush service it will increase the bottom line and is relatively simple to perform. Recent surveys show that at least 50% of Fast Lubes surveyed currently offer power steering flush service, with an average service price of $43.89.

Keeping Cool


Heat is the number one reason for automatic transmission failure. By implementing the following pre service diagnostic procedures in your facility, Fast Lube Owners and Managers can greatly reduce the number of heat related transmission failure claims, by identifying pre existing fluid flow problems.

Eliminating The Confusion

Many Original Equipment Manufactures commonly refer to transmission fluids and lubricants by utilizing letters or symbols like SLF, Type F, Diamond SP, Diamond SP II, ATF -3, ATF-4, CVT, Type T, Type T-II, Dex II, Dex III and Type A just to name a few. Below is an example of a frequent transmission fluid identification problem. Example: What is (SLF) fluid? Many Fast Lube Managers and Lube Technicians are perplexed by the (SLF) automatic transmission fluid recommendation listed in some original equipment manufacturers service manuals.

Chemicals, Chemicals, & More Chemicals.

Exactly what is the difference between Transmission Flush Chemicals and will transmission flush products harm or cause damage to a transmission?

This is the most frequently asked question by Fast Lube Operators and Service Tech’s.
Answer: There are basically two different types of Transmission Flush Chemicals available. Solvent Based and Synthetic Oil Based, and depending on which one you choose to use they can or can not cause harm to a transmission.

Transmission Service for the new Ford 5R55N

In the ever-changing world of automotive technology, professional automotive service providers must be prepared for whatever curve ball is thrown their way. This months tech tip deals with just this sort of thing as it relates to transmission services for the new Ford 5R55N transmissions, found in the 2000 and newer Lincoln LS and some Jaguars. Some technicians may be thinking, now how many Lincoln LS and Jaguars does the common fast lube facility service each month? The other thought process is that this new type of transmission application must start somewhere.


What is Torque Converter Shudder?

Torque Converter Shudder occurs when the clutch inside the converter on an automatic transmission is being applied and the transition from slipping to locked up does not occur smoothly. The clutch locks up for a brief moment and then slips, or breaks away, because it could not hold enough torque to complete the lock up. The ability of the clutch to hold torque is the converter’s torque capacity, which is a function of the oil pressure applied to the torque converter clutch combined with the friction characteristics of the oil and friction surfaces.


Correct Diagnosis

Recently, a Lube Manager requested technical assistance regarding automatic transmission slippage or late shifting, on a vehicle that his facility recently serviced. The lube Manager explained that they performed a transmission fluid exchange service on a late model Chevrolet truck. A week after the service had been performed, the customer returned to his facility complaining that the vehicle's transmission was slipping or late shifting while pulling a trailer. As you would expect, the vehicle's owner stated that the vehicle performed fine prior to the fluid exchange service.

Increase Value And Profitability By Providing A Differential Service

Often in our daily activities whether it is in our personal or professional lives, people can become very comfortable in a routine way of doing things. While an organized structured way of performing daily tasks can be a good thing, we must ask ourselves, can we do more? Yes, especially when it pertains to increasing profitability in our business. In today's Fast Lube marketplace we offer and provide a wider variety of services than ever before. Many of the services that we offer to our customers are derived from Auto Manufacturers Recommended Services Schedules.

Improving YOUR BOTTOM LINE With a Power Steering Service

In recent years Fast Lube operators have identified that by offering power steering flush services they can increase the bottom line, and is relatively simple service to perform. Recent surveys show that at least 30% of Fast Lubes surveyed currently offer power steering flush services, with an average service price of about $45.00. The cost of goods for performing power steering services is low and is relatively simple to perform. Often this service will provide a measurable tool of customer satisfaction by eliminating the irritable whining sound that resides under the hood.


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