Diagnostic Codes as Troubleshooting Aids

A few weeks ago I was attending an automatic transmission service seminar in Atlanta. One of the many topics of discussion was Diagnostic Trouble Codes (or Service Codes). With today’s advanced technology it seems that there are diagnostic trouble codes for everything, especially pertaining to automatic transmissions. However, in this months Smart Blend Synthetics Tech Tip we are going to shift gears form transmission related problems to the subject of Fuel System Diagnostic Codes.
Virtually every Fast Lube in the country offers or provides its customers with some type of fuel injector cleaning or fuel system additive service. Most of these fuel services require the technician to install some type of additive in the gas tank. In order to reduce unnecessary alarm to you and your consumer “MAKE SURE YOU TIGHTEN THE GAS CAP COMPLETELY & CORRECTLY. If the gas cap is not tightened completely or correctly, you could experience what is known as an (EVAP CODE).

Some vehicles such as the 2003 Honda Accord are equipped with sensors that can detect Evaporative Emissions System Leaks and trigger the check engine light to illuminate as the result of a loose or incorrectly fastened gas cap.
In Hondas the EVAP codes that could be generated by this problem are P0442, P0456 and / or P0457.
SOLUTION: Most late model vehicles gas / fuel caps contain clicking or sounding mechanisms that will let you know when the cap is securely fastened. Simply listen for the clicks.

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