Eliminating The Confusion

Many Original Equipment Manufactures commonly refer to transmission fluids and lubricants by utilizing letters or symbols like SLF, Type F, Diamond SP, Diamond SP II, ATF -3, ATF-4, CVT, Type T, Type T-II, Dex II, Dex III and Type A just to name a few. Below is an example of a frequent transmission fluid identification problem. Example: What is (SLF) fluid? Many Fast Lube Managers and Lube Technicians are perplexed by the (SLF) automatic transmission fluid recommendation listed in some original equipment manufacturers service manuals. Often the manufacturers service manual provides limited information regarding (SLF) fluid. In most foreign vehicle applications the (SLF) symbol is simply referring to Highly Friction Modified ATF (HFM). With the development and implementation of so many different automatic transmission fluids, it is becoming increasingly difficult for lube technicians to determine the correct fluid application for each automatic transmission fluid service. In the event that you are unsure of the correct fluid application please refer to the Smart Blend Synthetics Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter Service Guide. To eliminate the confusion and to obtain an electronic copy of the Smart Blend Synthetics Fluid Service Guide simply contact our Technical Department at 888-422-9099.