Often customers may complain of an strange or foul smelling odor when their vehicle's A/C or Heating system blower is turned on. You can just blame it on the kids, but the real cause is mold and bacterial growth on and around the A/C system evaporator core. During normal A/C operation, condensation (water) forms on the evaporator from humidity in the air. This condensation allows mold, fungi and bacteria growth which produces the bad odor and poor air quality inside the vehicle's cabin. It can also affect the occupant's breathing. With the onset of summer, consumers will use their A/C systms more regularly. This will cause them to become even more aware of the odor problem.

Smart Blend Synthetics ARCTIC family has just what you need. Arctic Clean ( PT# 13001). For use in all Car, Truck, SUV & RV air conditioning and heating systems. The professional formula cleans and removes allergens and contaminants in one easy-to-use step. Simply locate the evaporator, generally located under the dashboard or on the firewall. Determine an access hole into the unit through the drain plug or blower motor. Insert the provided application hose until it reaches the evaporator and activate can completely. After the cleaning solution dissolves, the contaminants are removed from the A/C and heating system: improving cabin air quality, restoring cooling efficiency, removing odors, returning that new car smell. This product is a great addition and enhances profitability when performing a cabin air filter service.  Additionally Arctic Refresh (PT# 13002) can be used to spray in the vents and on the cabin air filter for that Fresh Air scent that the customer loves and provides a tangible aspect to a standard cabin filter change.

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