Flush Chemicals What is the Difference?

Exactly what is the difference between Transmission Flush Chemicals and will transmission flush products harm or cause damage to a transmission?

This is the most frequently asked question by Fast Lube Operators and Service Tech’s.
Answer: There are basically two different types of Transmission Flush Chemicals available. Solvent Based and Synthetic Oil Based, and depending on which one you choose to use they can or can not cause harm to a transmission.

Solvent Based Transmission Flush Products are the most common. However this does not mean that they perform the best. Solvent based flush chemicals work mechanically, scrubbing internal parts. This type of mechanical scrubbing action can often prove too harsh, having an adverse effect on seals and clutch plate friction material. Solvent Based Flush Chemicals if not completely removed can cause transmission damage. Solvent based chemicals contain mineral spirits or alcohol and are inexpensive to manufacturer. Carefully read labels of Solvent Based Products before application.

Synthetic Oil Based Transmission Flush Products are the newest technological advancement in transmission flush products. Oil based flush products clean internal parts by utilizing a unique polar action to lift, suspend and remove unwanted contaminants. The Synthetic Oil Based Flush products will not have adverse effects on internal parts and are safe for seals, clutch frictions and electronics. The synthetic oil based flush safely removes varnish deposits cleansing all internal transmission components, preparing the transmission for new ATF. Gentle cleansing reduces the risk of transmission failure, improving and extending transmission life.

Summary: Synthetic Oil Based Transmission Flush Products out perform solvent flushes. Synthetic oil based flush products are completely safe and will not harm a transmission. Improvements in ATF technology has contributed significantly to the reduction of varnish and corrosion build up within automatic transmission systems. Solvent flush chemicals are too harsh for modern applications and if not completely evacuated can cause hardening of seals and loss of clutch friction material.
Providing Synthetic oil based flush products to consumers ensures safe gentle cleaning, improved drivability and customer satisfaction.