Keeping Transmissions Clean, For Extended Service Life

In today's world of rising costs, everything seems to be higher priced and more technically advanced than ever before. The same is true for automobiles and automotive drive components such as automatic transmissions. Innovative technology and complex engineering have replaced the basic hydraulically controlled automatic transmission of old with the new more advanced electronically/computer controlled automatic transmissions, which can sometimes mean more expensive components to replace and or repair.

With this being said some of you are probably wondering what does this have to do with the title of this month's Tech Tip (Keeping Transmissions Clean, For Extended Service Life). The answer to this question is simple, THE CLEANER THE BETTER. If one looks back through history items such as automobiles, boats, homes and virtually everything else experiences longer life when properly maintained and kept clean from abrasive dirt and deposits. The same is true with automatic transmission technology, old or new. One of the best ways that I know to keep things clean is to wash or cleanse the item. When performing automatic transmission fluid evacuation services, the best way to properly cleanse the transmissions vital internal components is to install transmission cleaner/ flush chemistry, such as our SMART BLEND SYNTHETIC TRANSMISSION FLUSH with (MOLECU - TECH) technology. Installing transmission flush chemistry makes good sense. One very important and vital performance characteristic of ATF is its detergency. It helps prevent the build-up of varnish, sludge and contaminants on transmission parts and components. Chemical flush additives can pick up where ATF falls short by effectively cleaning and removing the harmful contaminants that are often left behind in the transmission and transmission fluid cooler by fluid evacuation services alone. Chemical flush additives incorporated into transmission fluid exchanges/evacuation services means better and more effective cleaning of the automatic transmission.

Routine scheduled automotive service and maintenance is good for our customer's vehicles, and our industry. By incorporating chemical transmission flush additives with our transmission fluid evacuation services, we can help extend the automatic transmission life expectancy, improve performance and increase our ticket averages.