Power Steering Flush Service

Power Steering Flush Services On The Rise: In recent years Fast Lube operators have identified that by providing a power steering flush service it will increase the bottom line and is relatively simple to perform. Recent surveys show that at least 50% of Fast Lubes surveyed currently offer power steering flush service, with an average service price of $43.89. Power steering flush service has a low cost of goods (COGS), is relatively simple to perform and in most instances, will provide a measurable tool of customer satisfaction by eliminating the irritable whining sound that resides under the hood. Eliminating the power steering whine: There are a couple of trouble shooting steps to correctly identify and eliminate whining power steering systems. 1.Inspect the power steering system for dirty or contaminated fluid. 2.Perform a power steering flush service to remove unwanted dirt or other contaminants along with the old fluid. 3.Install one bottle of Smart Blend Synthetic POWER PLUS Universal Power Steering Fluid Protectant. 4.Properly purge the power system by starting the vehicle and turning the steering wheel left then right several times, purging air out of the system. 5.Examine the belt system, making sure that the belt is not loose or slipping. 6.Always check the power steering system for proper fluid levels.

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