Fuel System

Correct Diagnosis

Recently, a Lube Manager requested technical assistance regarding automatic transmission slippage or late shifting, on a vehicle that his facility recently serviced. The lube Manager explained that they performed a transmission fluid exchange service on a late model Chevrolet truck. A week after the service had been performed, the customer returned to his facility complaining that the vehicle's transmission was slipping or late shifting while pulling a trailer. As you would expect, the vehicle's owner stated that the vehicle performed fine prior to the fluid exchange service.

Diagnostic Codes as Troubleshooting Aids

A few weeks ago I was attending an automatic transmission service seminar in Atlanta. One of the many topics of discussion was Diagnostic Trouble Codes (or Service Codes). With today’s advanced technology it seems that there are diagnostic trouble codes for everything, especially pertaining to automatic transmissions. However, in this months Smart Blend Synthetics Tech Tip we are going to shift gears form transmission related problems to the subject of Fuel System Diagnostic Codes.

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